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Cadillac Reformer Combination

JP081001- Cadillac Reformer Combination




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General Informed: The Cadillac features a raised, horizontal table with an overhead frame that includes various bars, straps, and attachments. This allows for diverse exercises targeting different muscle groups.

Description: Discover the epitome of Pilates versatility with our Cadillac apparatus. This multifunctional unit provides a full-body workout, seamlessly combining strength, flexibility, and stability exercises. Experience elevated Pilates sessions with an array of attachments and endless possibilities for tailored routines.

Specifications:  Maximum User Weight: 150kg
Dimensions: 242*72*208 cm
Machine Weight: 120kg


  • Cadillac Full Tower Attachment: Elevate your versatility with the included Full Tower Attachment. This addition empowers dynamic workouts with targeted muscle engagement and diversified routines.
  • White Fuzzy Loops: Add variety to your exercises with 2 White Fuzzy Loops, enhancing resistance-based movements for a more challenging workout.
  • Tower Strap Set: Enrich your workout possibilities with the Tower Strap Set, providing a range of exercise options for a holistic fitness experience.
  • Adjustable Springs: Customize your workouts with the 15 Adjustable Springs, accommodating varied resistance levels for tailored challenges.

Toolkit: Simplify setup and maintenance with the Toolkit, equipped with essential tools for seamless assembly and upkeep.


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