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JP081007- Ladder Barrel


General Informed:
Introducing the JP081007 Ladder Barrel – a blend of form and function meticulously designed to provide a dynamic and effective exercise solution for users seeking improved flexibility and core strength.

Elevate your fitness with the JP081007 Ladder Barrel. Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, this equipment seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality, enhancing your exercise experience.

– Material: Wood
– Dimensions: 120*65.5*89 cm
– Machine Weight: 49kg

1. Foot Mat: The Ladder Barrel comes with 1 Foot Mat, providing comfort and support during your exercises, ensuring a safe and pleasant workout session.

2. Toolkit: Simplify assembly and maintenance with the included Toolkit, ensuring hassle-free setup and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your fitness journey.

Experience enhanced flexibility and core strength with the JP081007 Ladder Barrel – a versatile and functional fitness companion designed to refine your body’s movements and provide an effective workout routine.

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Introducing the Pilates Ladder Barrel, a functional and stylish addition to your fitness routine. Crafted from high-quality wood, it offers durability and a touch of natural beauty. With dimensions of 120*65.5*89 cm and a machine weight of 49kg, it provides stability and support during your workouts.

The package includes a Foot Mat and Toolkit, offering added convenience and functionality. The Ladder Barrel is designed to enhance core strength, improve flexibility, and promote proper alignment.

Experience the versatility of the Pilates Ladder Barrel as it allows for a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups. From stretching and Pilates movements to challenging core exercises, this equipment offers endless possibilities.

Elevate your fitness journey with the  Ladder Barrel and enjoy the benefits of a strong and balanced body. Its sturdy construction and thoughtful design make it a perfect choice for home or studio use. Follow Us.

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 120 × 65 × 89 cm


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