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JP081017- Foldable Aluminum Reformer


General Informed:
Introducing the JP081017 Foldable Aluminum Reformer – a space-efficient solution that seamlessly combines convenience with performance, catering to users seeking a compact yet effective fitness companion.

Experience fitness flexibility with the JP081017 Foldable Aluminum Reformer. Carefully designed, this equipment offers a harmonious blend of functionality and portability, enhancing your workout routine.

– Maximum User Weight: 48kg
– Dimensions: 2450*520*170mm
– Machine Weight: 55kg

1. Reformer Base: The foundation of your workouts, the Reformer Base guarantees stability, ensuring secure support for diverse exercises.

2. Sitting Box: Enhance your workouts with the included Sitting Box, enabling targeted muscle engagement and core strengthening.

3. Jump Board: Energize your cardio sessions with the Jump Board attachment, injecting vitality into your exercises.

4. Adjustable Springs: Tailor your workouts with the 3 Adjustable Springs, allowing you to personalize resistance levels to suit your fitness goals.

5. Toolkit: Simplify assembly and maintenance with the Toolkit, providing essential tools for seamless setup and upkeep.

Experience the intersection of convenience and performance with the JP081017 Foldable Aluminum Reformer. This equipment brings adaptable fitness to your space, ensuring a comprehensive and effective workout experience.

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Introducing the Foldable Aluminum Reformer, a compact and convenient fitness equipment designed for versatile Pilates workouts. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, it offers durability and portability. With a maximum user weight of 48KG and dimensions of 2450*520*170mm, it provides ample space for a comfortable workout experience.

The Foldable Aluminum Reformer features a Reformer Base, Sitting Box, Jump Board, 3 Springs, and a Toolkit, providing you with all the essentials for a comprehensive Pilates session. Its machine weight of 55Kg ensures stability during exercises.

Experience the benefits of this foldable reformer as it helps improve strength, flexibility, and overall body tone. Its compact design makes it easy to store and transport, perfect for home use or on-the-go workouts.

Elevate your Pilates practice with the Foldable Aluminum Reformer and enjoy the convenience and versatility it offers. Achieve your fitness goals with this high-quality, space-saving equipment.

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 245 × 52 × 17 cm


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