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General Informed:
Experience innovation and elegance with the  Wooden Reformer, designed to revolutionize your fitness routine by blending wood’s timeless charm with modern functionality.

Crafted meticulously, the JP81004 Wooden Reformer combines aesthetic allure with robust design. Its impressive user weight capacity of 150kg accommodates a broad range of fitness enthusiasts.

– User Weight Capacity: 150kg
– Dimensions: 241*72*45 cm
– Machine Weight: 170kg

1. Reformer Base: Stability and support define the Reformer Base, offering a secure foundation for diverse exercises.

2. Sitting Box: Elevate your exercises with the Sitting Box, targeting muscle groups and refining balance.

3.  Jump Board: Energize cardio workouts with the dynamic Jump Board attachment.

4.  Adjustable Springs: Customize resistance with 3 Adjustable Springs, adapting to your fitness level.

5. Toolkit: Simplify setup and upkeep with the inclusive Toolkit, ensuring seamless maintenance.

Elevate your fitness with the JP81004 Wooden Reformer – an epitome of style and performance.

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Introducing the Wooden Core Bed Pilates Reformer a premium Pilates equipment designed for a transformative fitness experience. With a user weight capacity of 150 kg and dimensions of 241*72*45 cm, this high-quality core bed provides ample space for effective workouts. The machine weight of 170kg ensures stability and durability during your Pilates sessions Pilates Reformer Machine.

The package includes a Reformer Base, Sitting Box, Jump Board, 3 Springs, and Toolkit, offering comprehensive accessories to enhance your Pilates practice. The Wooden Core Bed allows for a wide range of exercises targeting different muscle groups, from core strengthening to flexibility improvement.

Elevate your Pilates routine with the Wooden Core Bed pilates reformer machine and unlock the full potential of your workouts. Invest in quality and versatility with this exceptional Pilates equipment for a transformative fitness journey. Follow us.

Additional information

Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 241 × 72 × 45 cm

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  1. Rshmi ranjan behera

    This Pilates Reformer is soo good.

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